Is This a TBR list for 2019?

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I was recently going through the reader tab on WordPress and came across a blog post by Tomes with Tea named How I Pick My TBR 2019 and thought the way she organized her TBR was just amazing. For someone like me, that’s a complete mood reader it’s perfect because I’m still able to pick which book you’d like to read, within a topic, rather than having one already picked out. Amy-Louise said she originally saw this on Codie’s Booktube Channel, be sure to check out both Tomes with Tea as well as Codies’s Book Corner.

I’ve taken most of the genres that Amy-Louise used but not all of them, as well as adding others, here they are:

  1. Author love – A book by an author that I love but haven’t read yet. (probably Zimler or Saramago, let’s be honest for a minute)
  2. Highest rated – The highest rated book that I own. (from my Goodreads)
  3. Lowest rated – The lowest rated book that I own. (from my Goodreads)
  4. Classic – I own loads of unread classics and I love classics, so I have to read them.
  5. Recent purchase – I will pick from the list of books that I have bought in the last 2 months.
  6. Sci-fi – Need I say more?
  7. Treat yo shelf – Buy a new book!!! (it’s happening more than once, let’s be real here)
  8. Short book – A book with less than 200 pages.
  9. Historical fiction – I love it and have tons of Historical fiction books unread waiting to be loved.
  10. 5-star prediction – A book I believe I’ll love.
  11. Poetry – Love it, but haven’t read any in a while.
  12. Non-fiction – I have to catch up on those.
  13. Big book – A book over 500 pages.
  14. TBR vet – A book that has been on my TBR for longer than two years.
  15. Portuguese author– I have got to support the authors from my own country.
  16. eBook – I’m really behind on those.

I’ll write every topic twice on a piece of paper and every month I’ll be picking between 3 and 4 of the cards and then choosing books on my shelves that match with the corresponding categories.

If you liked this idea thank Amy-Louise, thanks to her I found this different way of doing TBR lists. If there is any book within a certain category that you want to recommend go ahead.

Bye, keep on reading!