Sweethearts by Gemma Gilmore – Book Review

Sweethearts is a fun light read about a young girl named Ingrid, the story mainly revolves around her coming to terms with her sexually and everything that comes with accepting herself. I consider that the main purpose of this book was to let the reader know it is okay to be himself/herself even if it seems difficult at first.


The story follows Ingrid, Summer, Kat, and Amber as they finish high school and decide what to do next with their lives.

I had I few problems with this book:
First, given the fact that not one of the characters is an adult nor emancipated I would suspect there would be parents involved in their lives, even if just for a short sentence but that is not the case.
Second, the writing was not my cup of tea, I get that it is easy to read and all but it lacked a lot of emotional depth overcompensating with descriptions.
Third, dyeing your hair doesn’t give you a new personality. I get that it may give you a little bit more confidence but it doesn’t transform you into an all-new person.
Fourth, the main character is obviously a bully, that would be okay if it was clear that that was what the writer meant, but it isn’t or at least to me it isn’t and that makes the character quite cringy.

Unfortunately, I only enjoyed the portrayal of teen pregnancy, because it talked about serious topics and showed that it is possible for teen parents to get their life together.

Has you can probably tell I didn’t really enjoy the book but the fact that it was quick to read made me not hate it as much in the sense that it didn’t take away much of my time. There a ton of negative aspects to it, more than any strengths I could find. The book kind of fulfills its purpose of trying to make us feel ok with who we are.

I give this book 2/5 stars.
Hope you enjoy it because I didn’t!

Bye, and keep on reading.