Captains of the Sands by Jorge Amado – Review

Captains of The Sands by Jorge Amado is an outstanding unforgettable book. The main purpose of this book is to criticize the way we look at homeless and less fortunate people. And he does this by explaining to us how those people got where they are now.


This novel talks about a group of over 100 boys that live together by wits in the steamy slums of Bahia. They are known all over town for committing burglary and other crimes and hardly ever do they receive a helping hand. Due to their way of living and because most of them are orphans and runaways they end up growing up way to fast and experience a lot of things such as sex and drugs at quite a young age.

Jorge Amado helps us experience all of this from these boys point of view and he does it extremely well. All the characters have very unique reasons for being part of this gang and you came to love them for who they are and more specifically for the children they are.

I loved this book and I promise you it is a beautifully written story even though it was a bit repetitive now and then. It left me on the edge of crying my eyes out.  It fulfils its purpose of showing us that everyone needs love and affection and how most of the time we don’t care about sharing this love and affection with the ones who need it the most.

I give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Hope you liked this review if you did comment down below. If you didn’t comment too.

Bye, keep on reading.


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