My 2018 Reading Challenge

Hello, people of the interweb! “How you doin’?”

This year I decided to set myself a few goals/challenges regarding my reading habits. I thought of sharing this list of goals with you because I believe it will make me take more seriously.  Perhaps by this time next year, I’ll be telling you I accomplished all my goals.

Here it goes:

  1. Read at least 30 books.
  2. Read at least 3 fantasy books. (Harry Potter doesn’t count, it would make this one way too easy for me)
  3. Finish reading all historical novels by Richard Zimler.
  4. Read at least 4 books by a Portuguese author.
  5. Read a book released in 2018.
  6. Read a book over 50 years old.
  7. Read at least a book by a female author.
  8. Read a book that was made into a movie.
  9. Read a book that was banned somewhere in the world or sometime in the past.
  10. Read a poetry book. (Not one by Florbela Espanca or Fernando Pessoa)
  11. Read a short story.
  12. Read an award-winning book.
  13. Read a graphic novel.
  14. Read a play.
  15. Read a book by Kafka.

That is it! Tell me if we share any of these reading goals. I wish you all a very happy 2018, filled with books, films and everything you love!

Bye, keep on reading!

13 thoughts on “My 2018 Reading Challenge

  1. Hey there! Great goals 🙂 Just want to say Sally Green’s new book ‘The Smoke Thieves’ comes out in May that I’m sure will be SO GOOD if its anything like her others. Also, try ‘4 Kids Walk Into A Bank’ for the graphic novel. It is AMAZING and not what I normally go for but was THE BEST book I read in 2017. Definitely, give them a go if you have time.
    Nicely penned post!
    Love Penny x

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  2. You have a lot of great goals for this year! I hope you accomplish them all! I’ve been reading a lot of good poetry lately. If you looking for inspirational and uplifting modern poetry, I would definitely recommend Jennae Cecelia’s I Am More Than A Daydream. Also Through the Woods by Emily Carroll is a great graphic novel. I have reviews of both of these on my blog if you want to check them out


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