Summer TBR

I am bringing to you my Summer TBR. I have been meaning to make this post for a while now, but I hadn’t decided what books to read this summer.

I want to read as many books as I possibly can, but I have no idea how much time I’ll have.

This is not a strict TBR and it does not have all the books I’ll end up reading, I will list the books that I’ve been planning on reading for a while and that a feel will make good reads for me this time of the year.

So, this is the list of my TBR books of this summer:

  • Outlander by Diana Gabaldon;
  • The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka;
  • Juliet Takes a Breath by Gabby Rivera;
  • One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez;
  • Nelson Mandela: The Unconquerable Soul by Lewis Helfand.

Comment down below your TBR for the summer! And tell if you’ve read any of these books and if you liked them, spoiler free please!

Thank you so much for reading and don’t forget to follow me. Keep on reading.

8 thoughts on “Summer TBR

  1. Good idea for a post. I haven’t heard of the books on your list but I hope you get through quite a few of them and enjoy them. I’m reading Broken Branches by Jonathon Lee at the moment. I think I should make a specific summer tbr and include the books I would like to read, the same as you. Hope you have a great reading summer.

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    1. Thank you so much, that was so sweet.
      The last one I brought in Brussels in the BD museum, Juliet Takes a Breath is an arc I got, Outlander is historical fiction and the other two are classics.
      I’ll probably make reviews of them later, them you may see if you would like to read them as well.
      Thank you for commenting. Hope you have a great reading summer too.

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